Air Fryer Cookbook: Healthy And Easy Air Fryer Recipes Bake, Grill, Roast, Fry, Paleo Vegan Recipes For Clean Eating

| March 11, 2017


Complete Air Fryer Cookbook


Health is the most important thing for human life, and yet we don’t take it seriously unless something goes wrong. Why let this situation arise if you can live a healthy life with little efforts? The type of food you eat determines your health and the way you cook it matters the most.

Air fryers have made it possible to prepare food that is healthy and yet affordable, which has given rise to the development of air fryer recipes. However, getting hold of the right recipes so that you can prepare delicious food with the right ingredients is a challenge which is difficult to surmount.

Complete Air Fryer Cookbook, as the name suggests, is a complete cookbook replete with numerous healthy recipes that you can make with simple ingredients that are usually available in your kitchen and easy process so that you can get a taste of mouth-watering healthy food.

Fry, Grill, Roast, Bake, Easy and Healthy Dishes, Low Fat Snacks and Desserts

The book is an exclusive collection of the best air fryer recipes developed over the years with great efforts and several experiments with the permutations and combinations of the ingredients. The book gives a complete insight into the recipes and processes to fry, grill, roast, and bake for making healthy dishes, low-fat snacks and desserts.

Making delicious air fryer healthy food requires using the right ingredients in the right quality, and following the food preparation process meticulously. The book Complete Air Fryer Book explains in detail all these aspects of using your air fryer as an efficient tool for making your food.

It is the reason why it not only presents recipes in simple steps but also gives in-depth insight into the entire process as well as the methods to use the equipment.

The book consists of a manual on how an air fryer works. There are detailed pictorial illustrations of how the air fryer works, its parts, and the steps you need to take to maintain it so that you air fryer works in the most optimum conduction every time you use it to prepare your food.

The recipes are explained in detail with pictures so that they are easy to understand and follow. All you have to do is to follow the instructions, and your healthy food will be ready to be served on your table.

The book also contains a detailed Nutrition Table so that you can follow a specific diet plan and make food from the recipes suitable for you based on the details from the nutrition table. Similarly, there is a detailed calories table that will enable you to monitor your calorie intake.

And, there’s also a free gift for you! It’s a monthly diet plan that suggests the perfect air fryer recipes for you.

This book is a complete guide consisting the best air fryer recipes that deliver the right amount of calories and nutrition level to your body. Following the recipes and other instructions in this book are the surest ways to live healthy despite the pressures and stresses of the modern life that make it impossible to focus on your health.

About the Author

Ray Harper has used all his experience and learning that span several decades in the writing of this book. Ray has presented a collection of only the best air fryer recipes that you can use for different courses of a meal. The book is the product of his resolute efforts and perseverance combined with his desire to share his knowledge for helping people reeling under the unhealthy and stressful lifestyles.




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