Mistress of the Crossroads

| March 11, 2017


Immortality can be Hell, at least when you serve as a temptress for the Crossroads. For over a thousand years, Seraphine had played the part of dark seductress. What else could she do when Hell owned her soul? Working with demons, tempting souls down the path of corruption- it was all just another day in the office. Sure she had her looks and her youth, but eternity was a long time when your boss was literally a bitch from Hell. When her demoness superior hands her an impossible task, Seraphine finds herself pulled into a dark web of sinister conspiracies and hidden agendas. Failure is not an option and she must use all her skills just to stay alive. Who can she trust and who is only out for themselves? As she is pulled deeper and deeper into an immortal game of cat and mouse she finds herself questioning everything she has ever known. When nothing is as it seems and everything is at stake, she must forge unlikely alliances and play dangerous games. Will she rise to the challenge or trip and fall, all the way into Hell?


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