Betrayal’s Cruel Song

| March 12, 2017


Betrayal’s Cruel Song – A romantic suspense novella

What do you do when your life falls apart in spectacular fashion? How do you manage to keep it together when you find out that Tiffany, your best friend since childhood, is dead set against you marrying your fiancé, and for reasons you can’t ignore? Beth has bombshell after bombshell dropped on her in quick succession. Is what her friend swears is true, really so? The wedding is only weeks away. Invitations have already been sent out. Beth knows her friend has no reason to lie, but can every gut-wrenching thing she told her really be stone cold fact?

Beth’s life has been turned upside down. People she has known since childhood, want nothing to do with her. The only one to hold out a hand in friendship is Tiffany’s sister. Beth entrusts her with what Tiffany insisted was legitimate, but even she feels that such news must be impossible. A bad joke, nothing more. Beth decides to confront the situation head-on, and separate fact from fiction, but she’s no detective. How can she obtain knowledge of events from an institution based on privacy? She needs help, and finds it in Joey, a private detective in another city.

Her new boyfriend is the rock to whom she attaches herself, but she can’t tell even him what she plans to do. However, she is not the only one guarding secrets. A web of lies and deceipt is slowly uncovered and ultimately, the only person she can turn to is the one who hurt her the most.


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