Gino and the Time Machine: Gino Travels to the Land of the Dinosaurs

| March 12, 2017


Gino is a highly intelligent young 8-year old who is immensely interested in science,biology and chemistry. Summers can be very boring if you are an only child. So, Gino spends his days building things. his latest adventure has he and his best friend building a flux reactor that is tested in his homemade time machine. By a last second mistake, the time setting was set to 65 million years to the Cretaceous period of time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Join Gino and Paul and see what dangers they walk into. Gino and the Time Machine series takes Gino and his friends throughout time in his children’s books for Kindle as one of the most exciting dinosaur books on Amazon. If you are looking for a kids story book that can be read at bed time or or sitting together on the living room sofa, this will the most fun time travel books for kids you will ever find. Follow Gino in his other listed and future children’s books for Kindle .


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