Not a Disposable World: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

| March 12, 2017


In the tradition of a light and non-intimidating styled reference guide, “Not a Disposable World” provides an overview of the many faces of holistic living, from practical dumpster diving advice to permaculture gardening, this guide touches on the myriad of ways to live a cleaner, greener, holistic life.

With a focus on accountability and self-sustaining methods, you will gain insight into the various little steps that result in a truly holistic lifestyle. “Not a Disposable World” also features an extensive DIY section with tips and hacks providing simple and highly accessible steps to achieve the holistic lifestyle that you seek.

This book also makes a great gift for person in your life who may be reluctant to change, or is curious about changing their life for the better but may not have all of the tools yet.


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