Healthy Body, Healthy Home: 30+ Household and Skincare Products for Any Budget (The Healthy Living Series)

| July 4, 2013


Healthy Body, Healthy Home: 30+ Household and Skincare Products for Any Budget (The Healthy Living Series)

Have a healthier home by kicking the toxins out and making you own skincare and household products!

Parabens. Phthalates. Sulfates. These chemicals have made their way out of the lab and into our medicine cabinets and under our kitchen sinks. Do you know what’s in the aerosol air freshener you’re breathing in? What about that neon-colored glass cleaner? And why are there petrochemicals and alcohols in your shampoo, or your baby products?

Luckily, most of the products we use at home for skin care, hygiene, and household cleaning can be made for a fraction of the cost of commercial products, and without all the dangerous chemicals. Many of these projects can be made in under 10 minutes, and you can customize them with essential oils, herbs, and perfumes to meet your specific needs instead of relying on marketing scientists to synthesize scents for you.

I had zero expectations when I made a bet with my coworkers to cut out commercial products from my home for 30 days, but during the first week I saw big changes in my hair, skin, and mental clarity. As my breakouts, dry scalp, and chapped lips started to fade away I slowly began to realize that the toxic soup I was swimming in to correct these conditions was part of the problem, not the remedy.

This book has easy homemade recipes made with common household ingredients (not exotic, special order ingredients that cost a fortune) to help you eliminate toxins from your home and live a cleaner life.

– Facial Products including homemade lip balm, brown sugar facial scrub, and a cooling grapefruit and aloe face mask
– Whole Body Products like DIY lotion, vanilla walnut body oil and an after-burn aloe spray
– Haircare Treatments like rosemary shampoo, a tea tree dandruff rinse, flaxseed hair gel, and a peppermint hot oil treatment
– Super simple hygiene products like kid-approved homemade toothpaste and scented deodorant sticks
– Healthy Baby Products like DIY baby wipes and diaper rash lotion bars
– A collection of child and animal-friendly household cleaners from streak-free glass cleaner to homemade dryer sheets

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