Reclaim: A Science Fiction Alien Invasion Space Opera (The Reclaim Trilogy, Book 1)

| March 13, 2017


Two brothers forced apart by a horde of unstoppable alien invaders. Will they ever see each other again?   

Sergeant Teve Porter’s life changed when the Zeal invaded Earth and devastated the planet. Fighting on the ground for the United Earth Forces, Teve battles the alien aggressors while soldiers around him continue to die.   

After a failed op, Teve is sent on a rescue mission to recover an important soldier taken prisoner by the Zeal. The ambitious task takes him behind enemy lines, revealing something so shocking about the Zeal, it may change the war forever.   

Lieutenant Bradley Porter has spent the last three years fighting the Zeal fleet that hovers around Earth’s orbit. A pilot in the Mars Armed Forces, Porter delivers vital packages to Earth from one of the Martian battlecarriers that defend Mars from the Zeal.   

After recovering from a crash landing, Porter learns of the MAF’s intentions to finally assault the Zeal fleet and reclaim Earth’s orbit for humanity. Against all hope, he will come face to face with certain death and must make a choice that could cost him his life but swing the war in humanity’s favor.   

Will the two brothers defy the odds and survive the Zeal? Or will the ruthless aliens crush humanity into oblivion?   

Reclaim is the first book in the Reclaim series, a military sci-fi space opera. If you love stories about military science fiction, colonization, first contact, genetic engineering, or alien invasion, then you’ll love this page-turning trilogy. 

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The Reclaim Trilogy   

Reclaim – out now!   

Refuse – out now!   

Reborn – May 2017


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