The Faulty Process of Electing a Senior Class President

| April 11, 2017


The official satire of the 2016 elections

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Two candidates no one wants to vote for.
An election the students want to forget about.
A story everyone can identify with.

United Exceptionalism is known far and wide as being the greatest prep school. In recent years, however, it has begun to suffer, and its problems fall on the shoulders of the senior class president. The school desperately needs someone who will offer solutions. Instead, the students find themselves having to choose between two kids who are widely disliked and constantly surrounded in scandal. It will be a year that no one at United Exceptionalism will ever forget.

The Faulty Process of Electing a Senior Class President is satire based on the recent Presidential election. It combines the political allegory of Orwell with the dark humor of Vonnegut. It is not a partisan book against any one candidate or political party. Rather, it is a call to change a system that keeps offering bad choices. It is also a reminder that no matter how old you are you should expect better from your leaders.

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