Defragmenting Daniel: The Organ Scrubber: A Sci-Fi Thriller (The Defragmenting Daniel Trilogy Book 1)

| March 14, 2017


7 stolen organs. 1 vengeful victim. A gruesome sci-fi thriller.

Organ scrubbing was a bloody job, but somebody had to do it. Daniel, an orphan from the Gutter, was put to work scrubbing kidneys at aged twelve. The job had its perks: a warm bed, Law and Order reruns, and an all-you-can-eat Mopane worm buffet … Until the Orphanage stole Daniel’s parts, and sold them on the organ market.

Now Daniel has grown up, and yearns to become whole again. The cybernetic organ replacements just aren’t the same – he needs his parts back. But the new owners of his organs won’t give them up. Not without a fight.

Just how far will Daniel go to regain his missing pieces? And how much more of himself will he lose along the way?

Defragmenting Daniel is a cyberpunk crime thriller that will unnerve you. Every part of you.

“A work of great imagination. Powerful and gripping.”
“A stark and moving experience.”, 5 Star Review

The Organ Scrubber is the first fragment of the Defragmenting Daniel trilogy. The complete series is ready to read here:
Fragment 1 – The Organ Scrubber:
Fragment 2 – The Face in a Jar:
Fragment 3 – The Boy Without a Heart:

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