The Last Flight of the Daisy Mae

| March 15, 2017


A young Army Air Force recruit, a farm boy, a postal worker a young mother, a nurse and a goof off, use their unique skills to fight and win World War II. The war is fought at home and in the stormy Pacific skies.

On December 7, 1941 a high school senior, Fran Perkins wakes up in his Chicago home to talk about Christmas shopping with older brothers Jim and Bob. As Fran’s father, a combat veteran of World War I, turns on the large console radio to listen to music, there is an announcement the Japanese Armed Forces are bombing Pearl Harbor and World War II begins in the United States. Fran and his two brothers enlist the next day to fight the war so their younger brothers Edward and Raymond won’t have to fight.

This is the true story of Fran Perkins and the crew of the Daisy Mae, a B-24 Bomber flying and fighting in the skies over the Pacific Ocean. Nicknamed the Hawaiian Air Force, the 42nd Squadron, assigned with the 11th Bombardment Group (H) and other squadrons and groups, fly and fight together to win World War II.

The 11th Bombardment Group, called the “Grey Geese, was almost completely wiped out during the attack on Hickam Air Field in Hawaii at the same time ships at Pearl Harbor were in flames. The group recovers, retools, and begins life again with B-24D Bombers that fly in small groups because of their limited numbers, and cover millions of miles of featureless ocean. Their mission is to protect the Hawaiian Islands from future attack, find downed aviators and crews, and lead the Bomber Line from Hawaii to Victory over Japan.

Fran Perkins is fighting for his family, his airborne band of brothers and his Lady Elaine who is finishing high school at Calumet High School just down May Street from the Fran’s home in nearby Washington Heights.

Fran is soon tested in a battle during basic training and on dangerous training assignments long before deploying to the Hawaiian Islands and his destiny with the Daisy Mae. Piloted by Lt. Joe Gall, the best pilot in the Army Air Corps and the best ship called the Daisy Mae, the crew flies and fights as brothers at 17,000 feet, culminating in their last battle together, the “Alamo in the Sky,” over the Japanese Fortress on Wake Island on July 24, 1943.

The Daisy Mae flies with many crews in the squadron because every time the B-24 Bomber lands from an eight-hour mission over long distances of featureless ocean, it refuels and takes off to fly and fight with a fresh crew. The Daisy Mae made up of tons of steel and aluminum, fights with a heart and soul by shielding her crew on the bombing runs and she demonstrates her unbelievable magic and love of her favorite crew during her final flight.

This exclusive Kindle edition takes you through the deadly training for the young men, born of the Great Depression and flying, fighting, and dying for their country and each other, during the summer of 1943. Filled with stories of adventure and sprinkled with humor, this never before told true story will fill your heart with hope and have you standing and saluting the brave warriors their faithful families and friends, fighting World War II from back home.

The adventure of heroism and hope includes many surprises that follow the flight path of the “Big Girl” called the Daisy Mae,through time, location and history.


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