| March 16, 2017


Why this Book?

You belong to humanity and you are nothing without humanity and if you don’t know humanity then you know nothing about you and society around you. And if you know nothing about you and your society then what’s the purpose for you to live? So know yourself and society by reading “humanity”.

What’s in this?

I wrote this book after reading and understanding of ancient, medieval and modern philosophy and then find answers about humans and what’s good for humans in ideologies, politics, rule, law and resources. And by reading “Humanity” you could understand yourself and human society because this book is “full of wisdom” and you could understand a lot about reality of human society and inquire about what good in human society.


If you care about yourself and society around you and want to find what’s good for you and for society then this book could help you in all this because it is about “Humanity” in us.

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