Starship Samudram

| March 17, 2017


Journey to Titan like never before

“Amazing book!!! Very interesting from start to end” – GoodReads Member

“The author has great imagination with a wonderful way of depicting story. Couldn’t put this book down” – GoodReads Member

“Starship Samudram is an enthralling read that grips you from the get-go” – GoodReads Member

Earth is dying. Starship Samudram, carrying a crew of 1000 people, travels to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Their mission is to colonize it. But they are not aware of the secret hidden behind Titan’s thick atmosphere. Something lurks within the very elements of this enigmatic world and waits for their arrival.

What will happen when they land on Titan where methane rains instead of water and where the skies are dominated by the mighty presence of Saturn? Will they perish in the icy wastes of this strange world? Or will they be able to survive and unveil the mystery?

More Praise for Starship Samudram

“It is full of surprises. It has everything – strength, fear, trust, deception, love, romance, horror, kindness, pride, happiness, sorrow, and hope” – Amazon Customer

“An amazing book with lot of elements to it. It is not just a mere Sci-Fi book,but there are many layers to it. A very good read.” – Amazon Customer

If you enjoy a thrilling ride into the future of space exploration, Starship Samudram is for you.


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