Nanotech Deliverance

| March 23, 2017


The cunning Mentazari were lethal to the worlds they visited. As the alien invaders spread themselves throughout the galaxy, it seemed that nothing could stand in their way. Then one day they chanced upon an unassuming little planet called Earth.

In this high energy sci-fi action adventure set on the verge of a dystopian future, a new hero rises. Not a military veteran or a scientist, but a young man from the streets.
After being raised in an environment of violence and paranoia, Russ just wanted to live a quiet life with his neighbor and close friend Ella. But when her life is threatened, it reawakens a darkness inside of him … something he’d managed to
suppress for years.

Will the arrogant alien leaders triumph yet again? … or will their encounter with Russell revive an all but forgotten memory? … a primitive emotion called fear.


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