A Medieval Misadventure

| March 18, 2017



Product Description

The lives of thousands rest on the shoulders of an unwilling clan leader, a porn loving oracle and a village idiot. A Medieval fantasy story riddled with humor, chaos, and adventure.

The dreaded Barbarian Lord Ogarath, who’s title include;

  • Lover of lamentations
  • Maker of widows
  • The harbinger of death 

Among others, is looking to expand his kingdom, and has chosen ‘The village’, an unexceptionally shitty place as his next target.

The clan leader Hammick, aided by the Oracle Brian [who frankly, only joined because his insurance didn’t cover barbarian raids] and the baker O’Riley, set forth to prepare the village for war. Which certainly isn’t going to be an easy task since most of its inhabitants would rather pack their shit and run

The result of all this?

A humorously epic medieval tale about three friends on a mission to save all they love from annihilation, that’s bound to get you rolling with laughter.

About the Author

Lenny Johnson is a self-proclaimed lover of all things awesome. He writes SciFi, fantasy, romance, and humor stories intermittently, and ocassionally dabbles with non-fiction. When he’s not too busy living in fiction, he wades through the real world hoping to return to it.


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