Wife of the Left Hand

| March 19, 2017


Gone With the Wind–But With Ghosts!

Supernatural Suspense Meets Southern Gothic

Avery Dufresne had the perfect life: a rock star boyfriend, a high-profile career in the anchor chair on a national news program. Until a serious threat brings her perfect world to a shattering stop. When Avery emerges from the darkness she finds she has a new ability–a supernatural one. Avery returns to Belle Fontaine, Alabama, to claim an inheritance: an old plantation called Sugar Hill. Little does she know that the danger has just begun.

Described as “Gone With the Wind but with ghosts,” Wife of the Left Hand, is Book One of the Sugar Hill series–a Southern ghost story that sprawls across centuries.This supernatural suspense novel is a blend of genres including mystery and the paranormal.

Sugar Hill Series

  • Wife of the Left Hand
  • Fire on the Ramparts
  • Blood by Candlelight
  • The Starlight Ball

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Unveil all the secrets of Sugar Hill. Grab your copy now!


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