Real Resolutions: Two Twenty-Somethings Trying to Be a Little Better

| March 20, 2017


Have you ever created a set of New Years’ resolutions only to have them fall flat about a week later? So have we, many, many times. We decided enough was enough and got together to plan, track, and execute on our resolutions. Join us in our intensive 4-week adventure toward habit change and self-improvement.
As recent college graduates, the two of us realized there are serious adjustments to be made in our lifestyles. Long nights fueled by pizza and video games no longer generate the same level of happiness as they once did. An unspeakable force called work has crept in, dominating and crushing our spirits (slight exaggeration). Honestly, we just want to be a little better and spent the course of this book looking for ways to do so.
If you couldn’t tell already, the book is written in a style that’s both candid and genuine. We looked for habit change that would both challenge and improve our day to day living and tracked our reflections accordingly. Throughout the book we explain how we chose each habit, what we’re hoping to accomplish, and how this project influenced us. We’ve also sprinkled in some advice from our journey that should be helpful for anyone hoping to implement habit change in their own lives.


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