Author interview with John Mayer of ‘The Trial’

Author Interview with John Mayer

When High Court Judge, Lord Aldounhill, is found dead after a transvestite party in his sumptuous home, those who know the killer close ranks and need a scapegoat – who better than ‘outsider’ Brogan McLane?



Killers, transvestites and High Court Judges, Brogan McLane has a challenge on his hands to find the murderer and bring them to justice. John Mayer, the author of this legal thriller ‘The Trial’ has joined me to delve into the deceit. John, thanks for taking a little time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today about your book, ‘The Trial’. Let’s kick off today’s interview by discussing how ‘The Trial’ unfolded, how did it all start?

Decades of working in the stunning environment that is Edinburgh’s Parliament House inspired me to start writing fiction. The grandeur and history, the relentless stream of human stories that flows through the doors every day, and has done for hundreds of years. This is what inspired me.



Having that constant stream of new stories must be exciting as a writer, as there are always new points of view to explore. Was there any need to supplement these stories with additional research, or not?

Like Brogan McLane, I was a Supreme Court lawyer for many many years. My working life provided me with nearly all the material I would ever need for writing fiction.



So did you find that the basis of your characters just walked into your writing life through your work?

Since my birth, the characters have been drifting in and out of my consciousness. A face on the street, a voice on the telephone, all come together somehow over time to create individuals that come to people my tales.



As they merge into solid personalities over time have you ever thought about which actors could play them if your novel was translated to the screen?

Wow, that is a hard question, and one I have considered at great length. My favourite at the moment is Dougray Scott, but my wife is pretty keen on George Clooney so we will have to see what the producers have to say when we get to that stage!



Dougray is a solid pick, but it is hard to go past George Clooney. Aside from picking the best actors to bring your characters to life, what was the most prominent aspect of your book that you hope readers take from it?

Injustice is a terrible thing in this world. Justice is something that we must all strive for, and guard with our lives those institutions and people that do the same. Those in power are not always working for the best interests of the rest of us.



Other than communicating the suffering of injustice, did you find any other aspects of writing this novel greatly rewarding?

The knowledge that all over the world, readers are entering The Parliament House Books world, and loving it! They tell me how my words have moved them, and that makes all the challenges of being an independent author worthwhile.



Positive worldwide feedback is fantastic! I’m sure that it’s helped motivate you to keep working away at the profession of being an independent author. And as a successful author I’d expect you to be working on your next novel. Can you give us some clues about it?

Working title The Trust.



*Laughs* Holding your cards close to your chest. No, worries I’m sure that the working title alone has started moving the gears in the heads of some of your readers. Why did you choose to embark on the path of an independent author?

Because I was born to write.



It’s hard to argue with that! As a born writer, what is your top tip for other authors?

Keep writing.



It’s just a simple as that, isn’t it? Before I let you continue along on your writing adventures, I hope that you can spare a second to slip into the quick fire round to sneakily show other slithers of your personality to our readers. Let’s start with a party: Would you have a cast party with the characters in your book if they could come to life?

In a New York minute!



How do you get past writers block?

I watch The Godfather until I get past it.



*Laughs* The Godfather is the I Ching so that’s a great strategy. Have you taken on all of the wisdom from the Godfather to the extent that you are a valuable asset on a quiz team?

I’m afraid not.



Maybe it’s time to watch the Godfather a few more times to bulk up on your wisdom. Have you ever danced in the rain?

Yes and ripped off my clothes and swum naked in the rain too! Only once so far though.



Wow, that’s ALOT of rain if you’re swimming in it! If you ruled your own country, who would you get to write the national anthem?

Bob Dylan



Finally, can you end today’s interview with your favourite quote from your novel that you feel will wind up the intrigue levels on ‘The Trial’.

Low Life in High Places in the Old Town



Hmmmm, intriguing. John, thank you for sharing a little of the low and high lives from your novel ‘The Trial’ and I wish you the best in the next stage as your career as an independent author.



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