Dinosaurs & The Two Mad Scientists In Wimbley

| March 22, 2017


Dinosaurs & The Two Mad Scientists In Wimbley

A Perfect Time Travel Story For Young Readers

It’s a very strange story of a town, WIMBLEY and the two mad scientists who reside there. The town is just like any other town except that there is a Tyrannosaurus rex asleep in one of the town museum.
One awful day, one of the mad scientists somehow made the Tyrannosaurus rex alive.

  • How did it become alive??
  • What happens after that??
  • Will the town, Wimbley be saved from the devastation and terror of Tyrannosaurus Rex?? If yes, then how??
  • How did the whole town Wimbley shift back to the age of Dinosaurs using Time Machine
  • Will the two mad scientists resolve their differences to save the town??
  • Who will get the best mad scientist of the year award??
  • What then happens to the Giant Dinosaurs??
  • What is the connection between Dinosaurs and the Moon??

These and many other nail bitingly enthralling questions will be answered in this book.

Professionally quality illustrations!
Easy to read text!
Perfect for imaginative and creative children.
Your child would learn importance of being patient in adverse situations, how to forget one’s enemity in order to save humanity!

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