Betrayal of the Flames

| March 22, 2017


Willow has had an eventful year what with people trying to kill her, finding her one true love in Hawk, learning she can do magic, and then becoming queen of a newly reunited island. Now, all she wants is for people to cease trying to kill her so she and Hawk can have a moment of peace and quiet.

But when a new enemy with dreams of conquest and death teams up with an old enemy, the couple is sent deep into the Land of the Dead where only the goddess Skade knows what’s going to happen.

Without the aid of allies, will they return to the Land of the Living? And even if they do, will they still have friends? Or will they be betrayed by their allies yet again and be forced to battle the enemy alone?

Book 2 of the From the Flames series. Book 1 is From the Flames.


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