Hey Kids! Let’s Visit San Francisco: Fun Facts and Amazing Discoveries for Kids (Hey Kids! Let’s Visit #5)

| March 23, 2017


Fun and Exciting Facts about San Francisco!
Hey Kids! Did you know…

  • The San Francisco Cable Cars are pulled along on large cables under thestreet?
  • The Golden Gate Bridge has been closed 3 times due to highwinds?
  • There’s an old Fort at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge?
  • There is an old prison just 1.25 miles off the coast of San Francisco?
  • San Francisco is home to one of the largest trees on the planet?

You will discover all of these things and more as we visit San Francisco. Full of photos and fun facts about San Francisco and some San Francisco attractions (and some fun side trips), this San Francisco Travel Guide for kids is great whether you are preparing for a San Francisco vacation with the family, or simply want to learn a little more about this great city.

Teresa Mills is the bestselling author of the Hey Kids! Let’s Visit Series of children’s books! This San Francisco travel book for kids will give older kids a virtual tour of this great western US city along with some cool fun facts. Kids of all ages will love to pictures of the things to see in San Francisco in this cool San Francisco book for kids!

So, scroll back to the top, and grab this fun filled book aboutSan Francisco for kids!


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