Small Town Scandal

| March 24, 2017


When the inimitable Miss Agatha Vanderjagt receives a blackmail letter alongside copies of scandalous photographs from her youth, trans guy Chris is the only person she can turn to for help. Will Chris and Agatha be able to figure out who’s extorting the elderly woman… or will a dangerous blackmailer find them first?

Find out today in Small Town Scandal, a queer and cozy mystery!


Don’t ask me why I spend three hours a week checking in on Agatha Vanderjadt. Sure she was my elementary school teacher three years running, but I didn’t like her then and I don’t particularly like her now. That’s a terrible thing to say about a feeble old woman. In fact, it’s not the kind of thing I go around saying. But it is the kind of thing I think quietly to myself on frequent occasion.

Agatha never locks her door, so I walk right in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after my shift at the kennel.

Usually when she hears the door open, she shouts out, “Don’t even think about tracking those muddy boots across my clean carpet!” So I kick off my boots walk up the stairs into her split-level living room to find her sitting in her easy chair, yelling at Judge Judy defendants.

First thing I ask is whether she’s eaten that day.

She usually waves dismissively, then tells me I smell like dog.

So I fix her a meal and set it on the TV tray.

If I make tuna on toast, she’ll say she wanted grilled cheese.

If I make grilled cheese, she wanted spaghetti.

Suffice to say it’s a thankless job.

Anyway, that’s what usually happens when I arrive at Agatha’s house.

That’s not at all what happened last Friday…



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