THE WAR OF THE OUTCASTS (Outcast Tribe Book 1)

| March 24, 2017


Packs of wild animals live in the Forest. They obey the laws of their Ancestors and worship the Forest Spirits.
A stranger comes to the Waterwolf pack – wolf Nilas – and their centuries-old traditions begin to change. The pack’s strongest wolves are disappearing without a trace, and the authority of their leader, Olaf, is challenged. What secret is Nilas hiding?
Olaf must figure everything out and save the pack. But Olaf was banished and became an outcast. Anyone in the Forest has a right to kill him.
He must outsmart everyone, expose Nilas, and return to the pack – difficult tasks for an outcast. Olaf meets other outcasts in the Forest – raccoons Polo and Bobo, and kittens Galileo and Leonard. Raccoon Polo lived among people for a long time and learned from them many skills and dangerous tricks. This knowledge helped him survive in the dangerous and hostile Forest.
The outcasts have nothing to lose, except their lives. They unite to help each other. Wolf Olaf finds friends, and hopes to save his pack. Together, the outcasts reveal the secret of the stranger, Nilas and save the Waterwolf pack from destruction.
In the Forest, a new force is born – the Outcast Tribe!


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