Vendetta Blood

| March 27, 2017


William Carp was once a notorious gunslinger and a skilled tracker. He was good—good enough to survive long enough to hang up his gun belt. Now all Carp wants is some peace in his twilight years, just him and his dog, Kip.

Carp isn’t going to get what he wants. A card game turns deadly, and before he knows it, Carp’s sentenced to die. A reprieve comes in the form of Mcnaully, an old comrade who wants two things: the death of murderer Nate Crawford and a set of valuable mining deeds. To get them, he’s willing to arrange for Carp’s freedom.

Not willing to end his days hanging from a rope, Carp sets out to track down Crawford and his two brothers. The matter is complicated by the fact Carp once rode with all three men. Still, he made a deal, and William Carp keeps his word.

Leaving a trail of violence and death behind them, the Crawford boys aren’t difficult to track. What proves troublesome is the chaos they create. As for Mcnaully, he’s growing impatient. If Carp can’t get the job done, Mcnaully has other options—options that don’t include keeping William Carp alive.


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