Hunt of the Bandham

| March 25, 2017


Book Three of the acclaimed Moonrat Saga, an Action Fantasy series set in a world filled with magic, adventure, and danger!

Ewzad Vriil’s keep has fallen but the kingdom remains in turmoil. The mother of the moonrats builds the Dark Prophet’s army of monsters in the mountains and the Battle Academy’s forces are weakened.

The more Justan learns about his powers, the more questions he has. He seeks out the bonding wizard Master Coal, hoping that the man can teach him what he needs to know about his magic before he hurts his bonded and himself.

Meanwhile, a new creature is born; a beast designed to hunt dragons. Who will survive the Hunt of the Bandham?

Hunt of the Bandham is the third book in the Bowl of Souls series.
The Moonrat Saga
Book One: Eye of the Moonrat
Book 1.5: Hilt’s Pride
Book Two: Messenger of the Dark Prophet
Book Three: Hunt of the Bandham
Book Four: The War of Stardeon
Book Five: Mother of the Moonrat
The Jharro Grove Saga
Book Six: Tarah Woodblade
Book Seven: Protector of the Grove
Book Eight: The Ogre Apprentice
Book Nine: The Troll King (2015)


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