Author interview with Roy Tasker of ‘Upside Down & Backwards with the Law of Attraction’

Author Interview with Roy Tasker

The son of an alcoholic, physically and mentally abusive father, Roy grew up below poverty level and never learned how to read or write. Some years later as a young single father of five children, homeless and illiterate, Roy couldn’t look past his own thoughts that were flooded with lack, limitation, fear, and shame, which kept him in a fog for so long. One day he suddenly had an epiphany, and he started to see and understand the world around him more and more clearly. He finally found his way out of his own matrix he created by default and became determined to succeed for himself and his family by using his higher faculties along with the natural laws of the Universe in his favor. Read Roy’s compelling awe-inspiring true story, in which he shares his most vulnerable moments and the secrets given to him by the Universe, which helped set him free once and for all. This book was written as a template for all who read it, so they too can overcome their own obstacles and achieve the desires of their heart.



Want to break free? Want to achieve the desires of your heart? Today I’ve been joined by Roy Tasker, who has broken from his past using the laws of attraction to build himself a new future and has been kind enough to join me today to share his inspiring journey. Roy, thanks for spending a little time with me today. Firstly, I was hoping that you would be able to detail where this book started for you?

My idea for the book came from my own life story through trial and error on how to use the law of attraction.



Did you need to research about how the law of attraction works, or was this book more borne straight from your years of lice experience?

All the information I had was from years of life experience and it just all flowed together. This book is about my life experiences.



When you were working through the depths and delights of your life I imagine that you found some consistent messages that kept appearing. What is the most important point that you hope readers take from this book?

In my book I wanted to say that anyone can get in alignment with their heart’s desires and have, be, do, or experience anything they want in their lives.



Was communicating this alignment of desires and experiences to the authors rewarding for you?

Yes, the most rewarding thing about writing this book was making the information available to help others in a user friendly way and keeping the book simplified for anyone to use. This book can help the scholar or the “Average Joe”.



As this book can convey this message of success to such a broad range of readers, I’ve been having trouble thinking of an actor or presenter who would be able to take the audience through your journey if it was translated to the screen. Do you have any recommendations?

I would choose myself as the main character, because no one could play the role of my life better than me.



*Laughs* Why not! You’ve lived it! I think that casting choice would turn it into a great cast party and bring all of the voices in your novel to life. Don’t you think?

Yes most definitely. And with focused energy and attention they can come to life as just any other cast members have come to life through dreaming and then organizing the dream.



Speaking of organizing dreams, have you started working on communicating your next set of dreams to the eager reading audience?

I am working on another book and I am also a singer/songwriter writing some new music and an aspiring actor.



That’s alot of balls in the air at once. What keeps you coming back to write when you have so many other projects that you are also working on at the same time?

Writing is a way of releasing the energy within the soul and giving it back to the Universe from which it came from. A person who does not write is like a house without windows, always living in the dark. When you write, not only does it open up your mind, but it opens up your spirit and soul. Organized thoughts and feelings on paper is like an organized house.



How do you organise your thoughts on paper when you are working on a new book? Do you know where it will all end when you start writing?

I have a pretty good idea how the book will end for the most part, but I always stay flexible enough for my spirit to carry it where it will.



What keeps that spirit motivated to keep you writing? Do you have any rituals that help get your spirit focused?

It’s a reverse effort. It just comes naturally. I don’t plan it.



As you’re not planning the writing sessions, what happens when you get stuck?

I meditate to get past writer’s block.



I don’t believe that I’ve heard of that technique for moving past writer’s block, but it’s always good to add another idea to the writer’s arsenal. As you have now published a book, do you have a top tip for other authors and aspiring writers?

Be original and don’t compare yourself to other authors.



If you are original and yourself you can’t compare yourself to others, so it will help you with motivation. Plus it’s also a great marketing strategy. Before I let you go today, I’m hoping that you can share some of your originality through the quick fire question round. I’d like to start with a question that I think you will have a great answer for: do you have any philosophies that you live by?

My own philosophy is: Don’t be so spiritually minded, you’re no earthly good, and don’t be so earthly minded, you’re no spiritually good. Keep it simple.



Keep it simple. Always solid advice. Are you a valuable asset on a quiz team?




Awesome, I’m always looking for new quiz contenders! What is your zodiac sign?




What is your favourite ocean?




If you invented a monster what would it look like and what would you call it?

I would invent a monster that would be perceived as a monster because of its enormous size, but it would actually not be a monster. It would be a bubble bigger than any football stadium floating over the whole Earth and I would call this bubble “Love”, and it would pour out joy, happiness, and peace over all the people.



I think that big bubble needs to be sent around the world a few times to give out some much needed joy. Are you introvert or extrovert?




What is your favourite quote?

Rather if you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you’re right. This quote is by Henry Ford.



Have you ever danced in the rain?




If you ruled your own country, who would you get to write the national anthem?

I would write it myself.



Make sure it’s a boppy tune. Does your day job influence your writing?

I am a motivational/public speaker, trainer, and coach. This influences my writing in every way.



Do you have a ‘do not use’ or ‘most hated words’ list when you are writing?

No, I do not.



Are you left or right handed?




How are the colours in rainbows made?

Only the creator knows that answer.



Mysteries only known by a higher power. If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create?

A lion and an antelope. It would be loud and strong and determined, but would act in peace and gentleness without violating the rights of others, nor would it let anyone violate it.



It sounds like you’ve created a super antelope. I want to see that animal in action! What color socks are you wearing?




What is your favourite song or music to work by?

Country music.



What is your favourite flavor of ice-cream?

Mint flavored ice-cream



What’s the most unusual name you’ve ever come across?

Quianna Bacon



*Laughs* I just love how that just rolls of the tongue. What is your favourite word?




Keeping us in that euphoric vein, what is your favourite line, quote or statement from your book?

A negative paradigm in a man, woman, or child’s mind is like fog that you can’t see, which sits upon the road. You think you know where you’re going, but the fog, the paradigm, creates an illusion and distorts your vision. And the only way out of that fog is to be guided by your heart and your sixth sense, your built-in GPS.



Finally, are there any questions that you think we missed today?

Would I be available to do speeches or interviews on TV, radio, internet, or magazines? Yes, I would.



Thanks for sharing that opportunity to connect with our readers. Roy, thanks again for sharing a little time with me today and I hope that you are able to share and inspire others with you personal connection to the law of attraction.



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