SEND ME (Witnesses Book 5)

| March 27, 2017


“Send Me” features ordinary people who contend with warfare in the 17th & 20th centuries and battle a destructive, criminal cult in the near present.
The editor Stephanie Markham gets ready to publish stories and novellas by Paul Kingsley, the illegitimate son of the ideologue who revived the cult, about the experiences of everyday people in times of war. Like Kingsley, she also fights the Scythian cult that threatens the democratic way of life. She also learns how to resist and drive away Satan, who pesters her from time to time.
This is the last novel in the “Witnesses” series, which explores the ability of powerless people to cope big challenges they didn’t create and can’t resolve on their own.
Buy “Send Me” now if you like stories that address big themes and that fit in with our long tradition of narrative fiction.


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