The Dating Dance: How to Attract Women. Dating Advice for Men, Written by a Woman

| March 28, 2017


The Dating Dance : How to Attract Women is a comprehensives yet enjoyable A to Z guide on how to attract and date women, written from a woman’s perspective. This book will have you out there getting the girl of your dreams, using just a bit of introspection, and lots of tips about where to find eligible women and an easy to remember four step process. Finally a book about dating women, giving guys the inside track into how women think and what they’re looking for in a potential date.

The Dating Dance will be your constant wingman, helping you perfect each step of your dating adventures and includes:

  • What “Type” of guy you are
  • What “Type” of a girl you are attracted to
  • Dating games and tests and what the difference is between them
  • Where to meet the girl of your dreams
  • Putting your best self forward
  • Making the initial approach
  • Getting that first date
  • Designing Dream Dates
  • Dating Dos and Don’ts
  • Achieving multiple dates
  • Dealing and learning from rejection

Attract women, and experience dating success with this book, full of advice, real life examples and insights from a bonifide lady! Learn about places women go to find eligible men and what they’re looking for. Approach attracting and dating women with the confidence you can only have knowing you’ve learned about girls from a girl!

Pick up The Dating Dance, and start picking up the women of your dreams!

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