Groovin’: Horses, Hopes, and Slippery Slopes

| March 28, 2017


“What a fun romp!” 
“Drugs, free love, broken hearts, and road trips aplenty”
“Nostalgic bedtime stories for grown-ups”
“Easy to read and hard to put down!”

In this delightful coming-of-age memoir, Rich Israel takes off on a journey of self-discovery during the late 1960s. Eschewing societal norms, he hitchhikes across the country, tries his hand at mining, works at a circus, and rides a horse hundreds of miles through the Rocky Mountain wilderness–all the while, the draft and Vietnam War are nipping at his heels.

Join Rich and his canine companion, Charlie, as they encounter one colorful character after another, from a rifle-toting hippie to a loudmouthed carnival boss to a sultry flower child, whose bewitching powers lead to lust and longing–and heartbreak. A consummate storyteller, Rich peppers his writing with wit and sensitivity, as well as insights often revealed through mind-blowing acid trips.

If you were there during this unique period in American history, Groovin’ is certain to spark treasured memories. If not, you will get to enjoy the flavor and exhilaration associated with catching that phenomenal wave.

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