The Elephant In The Mirror

| March 29, 2017


Ever looked in the mirror and felt like you just weren’t good enough? We all have a part of ourselves we’re not completely happy with – we each have our very own ‘elephant’ in the mirror. It can show up in any area of our lives, sometimes when we least expect it. And it leads to feelings of insecurity, low confidence and uncertainty.

In The Elephant In The Mirror, you’ll take charge of your life by:

-Discovering that perfection does not exist and what you can choose instead
-Improving your relationships, dealing with energy drainers and adding in more feel-good friends
-Understanding how to create confidence and make decisions that work for you (not just to please other people)
-Recognising the values that are important to you and vital for living a life of authenticity and fulfilment
-Designing your future and then making it happen!

The Elephant In The Mirror is about recognising that you already have access to what you need in life to feel happy and fulfilled. It’s about doing it in a way that’s right for you.

Because at the heart of it all, wouldn’t life be just that little bit better and that little bit easier if you were to acknowledge, appreciate and accept – and even make friends with – your elephant in the mirror?

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