Author interview with Kari August of ‘The Arrival of Richard III’

Author Interview with Kari August

King Richard III is allowed to return to the twenty-first century to repair his tattered reputation. He asks his American cousin Ned for help, not knowing that Ned has issues of his own, including problems with his career and love life. The Arrival of Richard III is a romping tale through the centuries in which medieval and modern man comically clash.



The comical clashing of compatriots across centuries can be found in today’s tale ‘The Arrival of Richard III’. To accompany this adventure, I’ve been joined by author Kari August on a high-speed pondering session about what could happen if the Plantagenet king came to our world. Kari, thanks for sitting down with┬áme today, and first things first, what inspired you to move Richard III forward in history?

Shakespeare got it wrong about Richard III and I realized Richard III could use some help with his reputation.



As Shakespeare painted Richard III as less than noble, do you think that the Richard III from your story would be good fun to hang out with? Would you make sure that he was invited to the cast party if your characters could come to life?

Most definitely.



And after the awesome party that would no doubt ensure from invite Plantagenet royalty, I imagine that you’ve turned your pen to further writing adventures. What are you currently working on?

A novel about historic frontier life in the Colorado Territory of the 1870’s.



That sounds exciting! Good luck with its progress. Do you ever find your writing progress becoming derailed by writer’s block? And how do you get yourself back on track?

I take the dogs for a walk.



Ahh, the love of a good dog and some exercise is a wonderful way to conquer mind blocks. Once all of the mind blocks have been conquered, how do you make sure your writing is edited to the best it can be?

I send it to my favorite editor.



Do you tackle much writing within your professional life that you it helps give the editor your best work? Or do you feel that your day-job isn’t a large influence on your writing?

I work in a graduate scientific field and I rarely refer to it in my writing.



As your work doesn’t really sway your writing, I’m thinking your personal philosophies might guide your letters. What’s the strongest philosophy that you live by?

Enjoy life.



And for my final question, I want to know if you well and truly have enjoyed live. And as far as I am concerned the best way to enjoy life is to dance in the rain. Have you twinkled your toes in the raindrops?




That’s the sign of a life well lived. Kari, thanks for chatting with me today, and I hope that your novel helps improve the reputation of your favorite Plantagenet.


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