Author interview with DD Sparxx of ‘Crash Into Me’

Author Interview with DD Sparxx

Ashford Westinghouse is handsome, well built, and successful. He certainly doesn’t see himself as lonely. He often uses one-night stands as a coping mechanism to help him blot out the pain of losing the only woman he’s ever loved. She left him without a hint as to why and he has no desire to ever let his heart get destroyed like that again. Isabella Alfieri is beautiful, independent and successful in her own right. Her world is almost perfect, but she still can’t seem to forget the man she loved and left seven years ago. And she’ll never forget the reason she had to go. She’s kept her secret all this time. There are only two other people that know what she’s hiding and they would never tell a soul. What will happen when fate intervenes and puts her on the flight he’s co-piloting? The flight that sets them on course for their worlds to come crashing back together after all this time.



What direction will Ashford’s life take after his world collides with that of the woman that he loved and lost? Today DD Sparxx has joined me to chat about ‘Crash Into Me’, the first book in the The Wicked Wingmen Series, and what will become of these former lovers. DD, thanks for joining me today. Journeys of lovers separated by time and circumstances are strewn all throughout literature and fiction. What sparked your thoughts initially that made you want to spin your own story of sentimentality?

It started because of real life people and situations. I’ve always loved to read and the idea just came to me in a dream. The character names and the plot line.



YES! I really love it when a novel comes to a writer in a dream. I don’t know what it is about it, if it just sounds more mystical, or powerful but I’m always happy to hear from active dream writers. You mentioned that it initially started from real life people. Did you also include tales from your own life as well as inserts from the lives of others?

Absolutely. My husband is a pilot, both military and commercial, so I know what it’s like to have someone you love be in and out of town constantly. I was told that starting out you should always write what you know.



And what one thing that you knew was the pivotal point in this novel?

True love will always find a way.



Awww, I like that point. It gives you the warm and fuzzies. Apart from sharing the warm and fuzzies, what was the most satisfying aspect of contributing this tale to the world?

They way it all came together in the end and the outpouring of love that people have given me towards both it and the characters.



With over 50 reviews on Amazon it’s clear to see some of that outpouring of love that has been shared around. Let’s say that sharing of love continues and you were asked to cast your characters for the screen. Who would you pick?

Maybe Mike Vogel or Gerard Butler for Ford. I’m not sure who for Ella, it would have to be someone Italian.



If in doubt I think that an unknown should be cast. It can prevent performance expectations plus you might be able to contribute to a new career. Aside from picking the real life cast, would you like to keep hanging out with these characters? For example, would you have a cast party with them if they came to life?

Absolutely! Is there someone out there that would say no to this? lol



Funny you should say that, as I was interviewing another author the other day that had written a novel about serial killers. Turns out authors with more sinister character companions are less keen on having warm and fuzzy cast parties! You must have so many lines from this book that grabs out. What is your favorite line?

He leaned back, carefully observing me once again. I felt utterly naked under his stare, more so than the state of my undress. I felt like he could see my soul bared before him.



Ooooh, the baring of souls! Sounds like it could get very complex, very quickly. In the introduction of today’s interview it was mentioned that this is the first novel of a series. Can you tell us a little about your progress with the next installment?

Book 2 is undecided right now. I am debating on maybe segueing with a novella, sort of a continuation of book 1.



Okay, so there are some options soon to be available for readers who get into story and want to see more from these characters. Apart from hanging out with cool characters, why do you write?

It’s fun! I’m an artist, so I draw and I paint. Writing is like painting a picture but with words instead of color.



Can you describe how you paint with words for us? Do you have an image in your head of the finished ‘picture’ before you start, or is the process a bit more fluid and the painting appears as you go?

A little of both. I have an idea of how I want it to end, but I let the characters take me on a ride with them.



Do you use any techniques to get the character to pick you up for the ride each day?

I always write in my office. Otherwise, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I am up until 3 or 4 am, other times I shut it down by 10 or 11.



Does music help you get into the flow?

I usually put on YouTube and listen to what ever comes on.



So, nothing really specific in particular within the music space. What happens when you run into writers’ block? Do you have any tricks to get yourself back on task?

Thankfully, I haven’t had it yet, so unfortunately I don’t have an answer for this one.



That is very lucky! As you’re not getting stuck you must find it fairly straightforward to write and then you’ve made it to the editing stage. How does your editing process work?

I edit, have beta readers read it, I re-read it again, then I send it to a few editors and re-edit again once it comes back. Then it goes out to the ARC readers and if they spot anything it gets fixed before hitting publish.



With so many eyes it sounds like you’ve reached a very effective system to ensure high quality on what is published. Do you any other tips for authors looking to self-publish quality work?

There’s a lot to learn. Take it one step at a time and ask other authors who have been where you are for help. This community is amazing about helping those starting out. Keep at it, don’t give up!



Never ever give up! In the spirit of not giving up, I’d like to take a few minutes with you before I let you go to find out what resides in the minds of the stubborn and strong through our quick fire question round. And I’d like to start with: what is your favourite quote?

Live everyday as if it were your last.



You never really know when it’s all over. When you’re not writing or being an artist, what else do you do?

I wear many hats! I am a licensed Realtor, a Property Manager, a Licensed Aesthetician, an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and now also an Author.



What is your zodiac sign?




What is your favourite ocean?

All of them



*Laughs* Best not to pick favourites! Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Both, I like to observe, but I am very outgoing.



Are you left or right handed?




What is your favourite flavor of ice-cream?

Anything with salted caramel



That sounds good. And finally, can you impart what philosophies and wisdom takes you through the world on a daily basis?

You’ve got one life to live! Travel, buy the shoes, eat the food and be happy.



*Laughs* Be happy. With that wonderfully positive note, I’ll round out today’s interview. DD, thanks for spending a little time sharing your characters with us today and I wish you the best of luck introducing your novel ‘Crash Into Me’ to new readers.


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