The Wicked Wilds

| March 30, 2017


Beautiful, well-bred Theresa Rosen has left America to Morrowton a small town in Scotland in search of her roots. She had never wanted to go back but curiosity has got the better of her. She meets the town landlord who is feared by all Mr.Felton, who had a menacing aura about him. At last she has found someone who ignites the flames of her heart even though he is surrounded by fear.The rich and domineering Mr.Felton has a dark secret, but possesses the power to excite Theresa in a way no man has. This seemingly harmless adventure plunges her into a world filled with suspense,love,lust,fear and secrets.
Immerse yourself in the vibrant yet dark world of Morrowtown and hope to find your way back!

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