Healing and the Lotus

| April 3, 2017


Doctor Avery Adams has been battling with his ex-wife, Dana, over the custody arrangement they have for their daughter, Hannah. When Hannah disappears right out from under Avery’s nose, Dana, along with Avery’s fiancée’, Julie, are by his side as they search for the lovely four-year-old girl.
Detective Darren Burke is sent to head up the missing persons case. In interviewing Avery and Dana, he is stern and unemotional. Avery is initially turned off by his no nonsense approach to finding Hannah and feels as though Darren is casting blame on himself and his ex. When Hannah’s body is recovered from a dumpster, Avery’s world is shattered. He and Dana began to get close again, despite Julie’s warning to him that something about Dana’s behavior isn’t right.
When a surveillance video uncovers the identity of the murderer, Avery is sent into a tailspin. Instead of turning to Julie, he turns to alcohol. After a suicide attempt, his behavior worsens and only helps to push Julie out of his life. Once she moves out, Avery is left alone to mourn Hannah. Just as he is at his lowest, help comes from the last place he thought possible, Detective Burke. After Darren helps Avery regain his sobriety, it is then up to Avery to regain his life.
With Julie by his side once more, he begins his journey towards healing. Soon, he starts looking for a sign from Hannah, anything to let him know she is at peace and watching over him. While at the cemetery, he gets his sign, a Lotus flower. Avery soon realizes that Hannah has been there every step of his journey. Looking back, he starts to see all the moments she had been a part of, allowing him to see his own growth and leading him towards the path to healing.

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