Misfortunes of T-Funk

| April 1, 2017


Theo and Judah, two childhood friends, refuse to give up on finding an audience for their hard-edged, “grunge” music as they move past their twenties. Together they enroll in an unusual college, called The University of Jazz and Music Technology.

Attracted at first by the means within the school to professionally record their own original music, the two friends embark on what could be a lifelong journey. But the endeavor has an alternate effect, as Theo begins to question his musical efforts with Judah.

Entanglements with co-eds quickly complicate matters. Theo and Judah hit as many rough spots as any amateur band may find along the way, including a disastrous mini-tour of the northwest during spring break.

This edition includes links to music tracks embedded in the chapters.

Check the edition entitled “Built in Music” for the option of listening within the book itself.

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