The Wizard Greenwie, who gave Mio the beauty.

| April 2, 2017



Feeling and looking good are important to each
individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing.
It often happens that children don’t want to brush their teeth and take a shower. Some girls with the long hair don’t like to comb it, probably because the process of combing after a night is really painful for the child. The parents have to convince and teach those children to do personal care.

This book will help your kid to understand that it’s very important to maintain hygiene and look after themselves to look neat and find out how the tidiness helps in everyday life.

Generally, this book will affect the girls’ feelings, but it will also serve as a good example for the boys that often don’t notice their untied shoelaces.

Magnificent illustrations, made by the excellent painters (especially in the printed version of the book) won’t leave you and your children indifferent. This book will also be a perfect present.

Buy our books and be closer to your child!

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