The Final Battle: Bloodline of the Dreki

| April 25, 2017


Faida knew this was not going to be easy, to defeat this army of spellbound men. She spread her glistening wings, and shook off the snow that had built up. She took off from the wall and circled above the oncoming army, high enough no arrows could penetrate her scales, but close enough that she could send a hot stream of fire down on top of the army. Even the spray of fire from the jaws seemingly did nothing to stop the maniacal soldiers from marching onward. Having a massive army of soldiers attacking you, that could not feel pain was not exactly the situation she wanted to be in. ……. “We cannot think of having a successful defense on foot as long as the soldiers are bound under the spells of the Enchanter. Faida replied with a roar that shook the ground for miles around. Every person and animal stopped in their tracks, frozen with fear. She opened her wings to their widest breadth, in a display of her prowess. She pierced her uncle with her deep blue eyes. He stopped, frozen in place by her glare. She sprayed forth from her jaws a stream of fire so hot that it glowed blue. The Enchanter put out his hand, the protective spells that he had woven around his person splitting the fire in two around his body
Edzard declared, “I will go with you to protect you.”

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