ABA Applied Behavior Analysis Managing and Defining Target Behavior

| April 25, 2017


Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) begins with an assessment, this is to establish 4 things:

  1. Define the behavioral problem in behavioural terms.
  2. Take a baseline of how often or how long the behavioral problem occurs.
  3. Note the antecedents of the behavioral problem.
  4. Note the consequences of the behavioral problem.

Defining the behavioral problem behavioral terms – Means finding a way to count the amount or time for the occurring of the behavioral problem whenever it is observed.  For instance, if a parent says a child is aggressive, this is not a behavioral term.  Aggression can not be measured, but, if a parent says a child hits a brother or sister for example, this is a behavioral term; this behavior can be measured, the therapist can see the child hit the brother or sister and count the frequency that the child hits out at the sibling.


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