Gary’s DIY Solar Panels

| July 6, 2013


Gary's DIY Solar Panels

This little book is a ongoing instructional guide to build your own DIY solar panels. you may ask yourself, what are photovoltaic solar panels? They are simple 2 substances, that when exposed to light, produce an electrical current.
You may think that solar panel prices are to high to afford, but I will show you how to make solar panels cheaply and effectively.
After researching all over the internet and watching too many YouTube videos, my wife and I decided to give it a try. We built 3 solar panels and wired them to a dc water pump. With this we rehabbed a 75 year old windmill well and now we have our own sweet water supply.
I have an electronics’ background, which included a lot of dc wiring. I’m not saying anyone can make a solar panel, but if you can use common hand tools, you can. A lot of what I learned online was incorrect, so I decided to write this book to help you avoid some mistakes I made and save you time.
So enjoy, read the book and get ready to make your own DIY solar panels. All the parts you need are listed in the book and all can be found on E-Bay.


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