I Love My Doctor, But…

| July 6, 2013


I Love My Doctor, But...

Getting Along with Your Doctor is More Important than Ever

Bad patient physician relationships leads to poor care

You have questions for your physician, but don’t ask them?

Your physician has questions for you, but he/she doesn’t ask them.

That’s one hell of a way to run an airline, a railroad, a government, or a medical practice.


Fault is besides the point, but difficult or painful questions unasked or unanswered threatens your health and compromises the physician’s ability to help.

I Love My Doctor, But”� empowers patients and their physicians and offers common sense solutions to important problems in medicine today.

What Patients Need to Know

  • How much care is enough care?
  • What you should know about malpractice.
  • Matching patient and physician.
  • Finding a physician.
  • Glossaries: medical terminology and medical specialists

˃˃˃ I Love My Doctor, But… Reference Book

As this book contains much reference material, consider print copy as well as eBook.

The material will be of continuing interest to you, your friends, relatives, and associates as you deal with the healthcare system

Scroll up and grab a copy today.


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