Rajasthan: India’s ‘Land of Kings’ – A Photographic Journey

| July 6, 2013


Rajasthan: India's 'Land of Kings' - A Photographic Journey

Rajasthan: India’s ‘Land of Kings’ – A Photographic Journey

We are a 50+ year old (actually nearer 60) married couple from the south-east of England. One day, in a moment of madness, we took the decision to give up our home and jobs to join the numerous other back-packers travelling around the globe in search of new experiences.

Whilst many people travel without having seen any of their own country first, we are fortunate in that we have had the opportunity to extensively visit almost every region of not only England but Scotland, Wales and Ireland too. Our travels have also taken us to the USA on several occasions as well as to two Caribbean islands. In addition, we have visited a fair number of European countries.

However, we had never visited Asia before so this seemed the obvious first choice.

This book is the first of a potential series based on the 4000+ photographs that we took whilst on our travels.

Whether you plan to visit Rajasthan yourself or you just enjoy photographic travel books in general, we hope that this book gives you an insight into one of India’s most colourful regions.


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