ApeMan: A Short Story (Siversphere Science Fiction, Sci Fi Short Stories Book 1)

| April 4, 2017


“APEMAN” – A stunning work of literary science fiction – The AIMN

In a stark dystopian future, humanity is set adrift in search of a new home. Human “ark ships” carry the embryos that will populate their destination planet, crewed by a team of managers, service personnel plus a few non-human workers.”

“Gerard St Clare is a bold new voice in Science Fiction! In “Apeman”, St Clare writes with a vision so much bigger than the short story form. Encapsulating a complete world, “Apeman” explores the dark face of genetic determinism, and the deep ethical issues involved in genetic manipulation. Rarely does a new science fiction writer of this calibre come along. Apeman is a stunning work of literary science fiction.”. – The AIMN

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