How To Be Funny: Releasing Your Inner Comedian and Improving Your Sense of Humor

| April 4, 2017


How To Improve Your Sense Of Humor.

Ah… humor. That elusive super-power some people possess.

Humor is the difference-maker between a super-fun and beloved person and a social pariah.
Which one would you like to be?

Have you always been jealous of people who are funny, witty and simply captivating?

Here’s a news flash: THEY ARE JUST LIKE YOU!

They are not mutants, they are not super-heroes. They simply know what to say and when to
say it. That’s it.

And you know what?

You can finally do it too!

In this life-changing book you’ll find all the necessary tips and humor-hacks you need in
order to impress everyone with your quick wit and snappy comebacks!

You’ll never believe how much your life will change once you develop your hidden sense of

Discover Everything You Need To Know About Compelling Your Audience & Becoming A
Grouch Marx-level Comedian Here!

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