Retirement: A No Fluff, Step-by-Step Guide to a Life of Financial and Emotional Freedom

| April 4, 2017


Your No Fluff Guide to Retirement!
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The only Step-by-Step guide that you need for a life of freedom in retirement

In Retirement: A No-Fluff Step by Step Guide to a Life of Financial and Emotional Freedom, you’ll learn essential facts that you need to know as you prepare for your retirement. This is a book that has been designed for people of all ages to give insight on retirement, including what it means to you, how much money is necessary and the decisions that you will need to make. This book will get you thinking, and coming up with solutions for the rest of your life. In it, you will find: –

•Information to help you define your retirement
•A guide on what to consider when calculating what you need
•Practical decisions that will transform your retirement
•What to include in your retirement plan
•How you can keep busy in retirement

You will also learn about managing your finances, and what you can do if you are going into retirement with debt. Planning for your retirement can help you ensure that the rest of your days allow for financial and emotional freedom}

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Learn how you can remain the social butterfly and enjoy the company of others in your retirement. There are also valuable tips on what you can do to keep busy, in a non-strenuous and enjoyable way. Take control of your retirement and live out the best part of your life with peace and freedom}

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