The Lady’s Dilemma: (Regency Romance)

| April 5, 2017



Lady Lucy Collington has given all four of her daughters an ultimatum: They are to marry men of high stature immediately, or else the family will come to ruin.

With Lady Caroline, the oldest, now happily married to Duke Granmere, it is now up to Lady Dorothea to find a husband. However, things are complicated when their rake of an uncle has left a certain stipulation in his will: A sum of money to be used as a dowry will be left to Lady Dorothea, provided she marry within a month of inheritance. If she’s not married by then, the money goes to Dorothea’s hot-headed cousin, Samuel.

As Lady Dorothea embarks on a frantic search, two exciting prospects have revealed themselves. One is the roguish Marquess of Devonshire, the other is the straight-laced Duke Edinburgh. With these two dynamically opposed men warring for Lady Dorothea’s hand, the Lady herself will have to make the choice of her life: Do what is right for the family and marry responsibly, or succumb to base desires and marry for love and excitement.

Is it possible she can have both in the same man?

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