Bleating Cries of Sheep

| April 5, 2017


The town of Astoria, Oregon is where Danielle Knowles grew up and spent her whole life. Yet, she’s never heard of a flock of sheep mysteriously vanishing into thin air. In a town of under fifty thousand inhabitants, word gets around fast. Soon, curiosity gets the better of Danielle and her best friend Xeno. When the police and news reporters don’t seem to have any answers, the young teenage sleuths conduct an investigation of their own.

They don’t find any trace of the missing sheep, but they can hear them running amuck all over town. Yet, the madness doesn’t start or end there. Forty years ago, a young girl was murdered and her killer is still on the loose. Could there be a connection between the death of young Carina Goldberg and the missing flock of sheep?

Danielle and Xeno don’t have a clue. They also don’t have much time to worry about sheep because people are acting strange and the whole town seems to be changing right before their eyes. Entire buildings, streets and avenues are phasing in and out of reality. One of those most affected by the shift is none other than Danielle’s own boyfriend. In a single day he went from being a rockstar socialite to a psychopathic stalker.

As if things couldn’t get any more mysterious, Danielle meets a strange pair of individuals on the beach. One is a young boy who can whittle stones with his bare hands and the other is an old lady who has the agility of a teenage free-runner. Through it all, Danielle just wants things in Astoria to return to normal.

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