Author interview with Michael Meyer of ‘Triangle of Hope’

Author Interview with Michael Meyer

An unlikely trio of unexpected allies forms a Triangle of Hope against all odds, and together they take a courageous stand that will forever change their world and that around them.



Pack your courage up with you today while we join Michael Meyer upon the adventure within the pages of his novel ‘Triangle of Hope’. Michael, thanks for taking a little time out of your day to take us to the most each of the poignant points of your tale. Starting with these points, what single idea do you hope that readers take from the story?

TRIANGLE OF HOPE was written as a testament to the fact that sheer determination on the part of people can bring about hope in even the most hopeless of circumstances.



Hope and determination are key aspects of the human experience. Did you have any of these types of experiences in your past that helped you give the appropriate depth to your characters?

Many of the experiences the characters have in this book are similar things that have happened to me. The book has a very lifelike quality for me.



And I imagine that your characters are the main reason that you feel the book is lifelike. How did their lives unfold?

The characters are very real people to me. They act in many ways just like I have acted in life and how I have observed the actions of others.



Were these personal experiences and observations the main inspiration for this book, or did you also layer in other topics you researched to add more color?           

I was able to embellish many personal life experiences. I am an avid world traveler, and a keen observer.



Have you been lucky enough to use these powers of observation throughout your career?

I am a retired English professor. I taught at universities in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and finally at a California community college, where I served as Chair of the English department.



Wow, having such varied interactions with people from different cultures would have really given you fantastic opportunities to observe! But one of the things that I wonder is, what pushes you from merely being an observer of human behaviour to a documenter? Why do you write?           

I have always been a lover of words. As a retired English professor, I am now, in retirement, am able to do those things on paper that I taught my students for over 40 years in my college/university classrooms.



Now that you are finally getting to put those ideas into practice, do you have a few top tips that you can leave for our other aspiring authors?           

Write, write, and write – because that it what writers do. Also, have a thick skin because diverse readers will have quite diverse reactions to your work. Write what you know and what you like. Enjoy the writing process. Life is too short to not do otherwise.



I totally agree, life is too short not to enjoy the process and journeys. Michael, thanks for spending a little bit of your journey with me today chatting about this novel and I hope that others are inspired to pick themselves up some hope in ‘Triangle of Hope’.



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