Mystic Lovers: Enchanted Worlds

| April 14, 2017


Mystic Lovers, Enchanted Worlds
Enter our realms and explore your fantasies! These tales will enthrall you with their sexy heroes and spellbinding heroines. They will thrill your imagination, intrigue your spirit of adventure and take you to unique settings you never dreamed possible.
Treat yourself to the ultimate, enchanting read. Lose yourself in the inexplicable inspiration of 6 NYT & USA Today Best-selling authors. Delight in stories that feature Egyptian Gods, Time Travel, Angels, Ghosts, and more. Come – spend time with our mystic lovers in their enchanted worlds.

Osiris’ Second Life – Mona Risk
According to the legend, two brothers, both Egyptian gods, were in love with the beautiful Isis, goddess of family. Seth, the evil god of storm, killed his brother Osiris, chopped him into fourteen pieces and flung them all over Egypt. Isis reassembled thirteen of his body parts. Since she couldn’t find his supernatural male member, where his godly power was stored, she reattached a human one.
Guided by oracles she utters when they make love, Isis and Osiris search lands and seas for his missing organ so he can recover his godly attributes. But Osiris’ past sins threaten to separate them more painfully than Seth’s mayhem and curses.

Together Again – Mimi Barbour
A sixteen-year-old, pregnant girl’s spirit travels forward in time, invades the body of Mr. Perfect and they fall in love. Ten years elapse for her which is a week for him. Her fear when they meet again is will he recognize her? Most important, will he still love her?

The Bartered Woman – Dani Haviland
Benji, the 6’7” red-headed time traveler, former professional wrestler and reluctant porn star, arrives in the18th century and finds himself the owner of a very tall, very stubborn female slave who doesn’t—or won’t—speak English. She isn’t a problem, but others, jealous of her strength and size, are.

The Beast Within – Jacquie Biggar
Julie Crenshaw is offered work on Vancouver Island and grabs on like a lifeline. She didn’t expect to land in the crosshairs of a serial killer. Connor O’Rourke has seen his share of human depravities during his fourteen years as a homicide detective, but is still sickened by the murderer terrorizing his island shores. And threatening his key witness.
As the stakes rise, can two people give love a second chance or will a killer become the winner?

Dark Powers, Rebecca York
Desperate to find her sister, Sage Arnold turns to Decorah Security agent Ben Walker, whose psychic abilities may be her only hope. They’re in a race against time to rescue her sister from a serial killer. And their uneasy working relationship flares into hot passion as they navigate the dangerous waters of a beach town where nothing is as it seems–from the police chief in the pocket of corrupt town fathers to the identity of a murderer preying on young, helpless women.

The Lives of Jon McCracken—Aileen Fish
When Jon learns soulmates don’t always live happily ever after, he’s forced to experience moments in his past lives to find a way to love Gabi forever.

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