Quality Sleep: Feel Better by Sleeping Less, Get More Energy and Time to Do What You Love

| April 8, 2017


Constantly feel tired? Worried about your health? Need more time? Discover the secrets of sleep mastery!

This book is a short step-by-step guide to increasing sleep quality while decreasing its duration. The author reveals his practical knowledge gained through extensive study of scientific research and his own experience. All that so you can sleep less and spend the additional time doing what you want.

Imagine, that you finally have those 2 more hours a day you always wished for. What would you do with them? Start a business? Play with your children? Entertain yourself? Read the book you kept postponing for months? Maybe even write one? With your lifetime extended, possibilities are endless.

Forget about sleeping pills. Methods Sergiusz shares in this book are much healthier and will also change your life without much effort. To sleep better you don’t need any specific diet, nor is it necessary to exercise intensively. Just follow few simple guidelines and advices.

By reading “Quality Sleep” you’ll learn:

– What happens when you fall asleep
– How sleeping less works
– 8 myths about sleep, that keep people from sleeping better
– 8 things you can do to improve your sleep quality
– The 1 key method that changed author’s life forever
– 5 ways to easily defeat insomnia
– 7 methods to get up quickly
– 6 detailed advices on other things related to sleep
– And more.

With extra time and energy, you can change your life for the better. With this book it is finally possible.

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