Le Chat Noir: Crooked World

| April 8, 2017


Le Chat Noir—that’s French for ‘The Black Cat,’ and nickname of hardboiled Detective Wes Noyer. This cynical P.I. is also literally a black cat…

Wes Noyer INC., Noyer’s private investigator office founded after his leaving from the police force, is in the business of solving mysteries and a new one has just fallen in his furry lap. The Addams family is short one member. Lucy, Mr. and Mrs. Addams’ beloved white cat, has gone missing. Private Investigator Wes Noyer takes the case and begins his search at The Lion’s Share cabaret where trouble always seems to find him. His case takes him through shady alleys, into the sleazy businesses of The Wander’s Launderer Laundromat and Bizarre Bazaar, as well as seedy motels, and the dark recesses of his own troubled mind.

The monsters, crooks, and other horrors of the underworld city of Dead End are also explored. Femme fatale, Hannah Barbara, adds a mysterious widowmaker personality to the colorful cast of cat and monster characters. She appears in Detective Noyer’s office, searching his furniture for secrets. This book explores other aspects and mysteries of Wes Noyer’s life, such as where’s Waldo Noyer, his lost brother? Plus, the mystery of whether or not Detective Noyer’s whipping cream addiction will ever be kicked and how fast he is on the draw with this trusty yo-yo.

Several illustrated works of noire art punctuate each of the four chapters of part one of La Chat Noir. Guest appearances by Felipe Femur and the Skeletones before their tour in Paris, France.

A darkly funny mystery without murder, guns, or drugs. Appropriate for older children and young adults.

“I was half way through writing this before I realized that maybe noir and children don’t mix all that well…” –Author, Russell

“The art is done, so we’re doing it…” –Illustrator, David

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