Dreams By Starlight: A Contemporary Inspirational Romance Novel (The Dreams Series, Book 1)

| April 9, 2017


If all the world’s a stage and each of us plays a part, then Camille Wright is the high school wallflower that nobody remembers and only the bullies ever knew was there. However, her headlong dash to Princeton’s Aerospace Engineering program crashes to a heart-jarring halt when in order to “round out all those math classes,” she is unwillingly signed up for drama class. Awkward, shy, and quiet, Camille struggles to stay part of the wall even under the bright lights. But sometimes where you want to be isn’t where you were destined to be at all…

Jaylon Patrick Quinn has been the star so long, not even he remembers when he wasn’t. Confident to the point of obnoxious, smooth to the point of disgusting, Jaylon has his high school peers enthralled. However, the fool’s gold of stardom and the glare of being one-half of the school’s star couple have made Jaylon begin to question if this is really how life is best lived. Now he must decide which direction his future is headed and more importantly, if he really wants to go there at all.

DREAMS BY STARLIGHT contains a strong message of looking past the outside to what’s in the heart. A teen romance, it deals with peer pressure and shows how snide comments can deeply wound another. It also shows how true friendship can help encourage and lift up someone in spite of the difficulties of life. — Vickie McDonough, Award-winning Barbour/Heartsong author

While reading DREAMS BY STARLIGHT, a mantle of hope wrapped itself around me, filling me with the desire to be myself, and to pursue my own hidden dreams. The whole time, I kept wishing it would have been mandatory reading when I was in high school. It would have saved me a whole lot of aggravation knowing it was okay to be me—the me God created me to be. – Deb Ullrick, Heartsong author

This high school romance is an encouraging story of one girl’s coming of age journey to find herself in the rough-and-tumble teen world. A young adult romance, it is intertwined with messages about becoming who you were really meant to be and learning to ward off the destructive words of naysayers.

As the book says, “All that you can do is all that you must.”

*~* EXCERPT *~*

“Okay,” Jaylon said and paused a beat. “Umm, you have to look at me, remember?”

“Oh, y-yeah.” Camille stumbled over the words as she forced her gaze back to his.

Looking back at her was sincere interest. “So, what’s your favorite class?”

She smiled as her entire body instantly relaxed. “Math.”

“Math?” he asked in surprise.

“Yeah. Why? Is that so hard to believe?”

“Well, no. I guess not, but I hate math.” He ran his fingers through his hair to push it back out of his face. “I’m just surprised anybody likes it.”

“You hate it?” she asked, forgetting this was supposed to be hard. “But it’s so fascinating.”

“Fascinating? I can think of another word for it,” he said, wrinkling his nose.

“Oh, yeah? What’s that?”


She laughed and shook her head. “No, now you’re talking about drama.”

“Huh?” he asked, and her gaze dropped from his to her shoestrings.

With a shove she forced her gaze back up although this time it didn’t lock on his. Instead it wandered around the stage and the auditorium and over to the other partners.

“How can you not like drama?” he asked in genuine confusion. “Drama is awesome.”

Her eyebrows raised as she looked back at him in open-eyed mortification. “Not when you’re me. It isn’t.”

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